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Fun, exciting, and unique team building programs are designed to build trust, confidence and teamwork.

Let our experienced meeting planners help you put together a successful team experience, strategic planning session, annual meeting or employee incentive experience.

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“After all, family is what it's all about at Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards”

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Wine Sensory Tasting

A knowledgeable wine host will teach you about each wine, wine making techniques and the Wilson Family legacy. The host will dive into an immersion experience. 20 plus aromas will be supplied from fresh fruit, herbs, stones, barnyard etc. We will also supply things like straw, lemon, plum and bricks to help with the sight description. These act as a tool for you to connect the dots when you taste something and try to describe a wine (it’s harder than you think). It is a very fun eye-opening, and entertaining experience!

Wine Blending Competition

Teams will create their very own wine, complete with label, name and marketing plan. This is a great team bonding experience while learning about the process in making wine. Each team will present their product to the group where an ultimate winner will be named.

Grape Stomping

This is an authentic and fun experience. Teams will have opportunity to stomp fresh grapes in an old-style barrel and race other team members to fill their bucket first. Teams consist of stompers, reamers and runners. All challenges are encouraged!

Food & Wine Pairing

Food and wine pairing opportunities are experiences in themselves. Let our professional staff create an amazing customized event specifically tailored to your liking.

Group Wine Tasting

Host a private tasting for larger groups with a private bartender. Let our professional wine staff walk you thorough a personalized tasting in a more private setting. (15 person minimum)