Looking to join a wine club but don’t know where to start?  With so many options and so many wineries, you may be overwhelmed trying to pick the right wine subscription. There is a lot to consider when deciding which wine club is going to fit your taste and budget. We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks we have learned along the way to help you maximize your enjoyment and budget for wine.



With a quick Google search, you will find a dizzying array of wine clubs to join. There are “bulk” wine clubs that provide a wide variety of lower end wines for simple enjoyment.  There is no connection with a winery, no physical location to visit and learn more about how the wine is made, and no connection directly with the Winemaker or Owner.  If you are craving more of an experience and connection with wine, look to a particular winery that you enjoy.  The first thing to look for is where the wine is made.  Wilson Creek produces only wines that are hand-crafted on property. Visit several wineries, see what you connect with. Many Wilson Creek wine club members tell us they feel “at home.”



There are nearly 50 wineries sprawled throughout Temecula Valley alone, not to mention the many wine regions in CA and across the nation so, first and foremost, you need to consider location.  If you want to be able to take advantage of everything a winery has to offer when visiting, narrow down your search to ones that are in a desirable location for visiting as often as you desire. 

Temecula Valley is fortunate to be within a short driving distance from Southern California.  Wilson Creek provides a family atmosphere where patrons frequently comment on how comfortable they feel when visiting.  They get attached to the servers and become friends they want to visit over and over.  We also have several members that live out of state and make Temecula their once a year vacation!



New to the wine world or want to explore some wines you are not familiar with? Let a professional pick your wine for you.  Most wineries have several club choices to narrow down selections.  Like white wine club, red wine club, mixed club, and bubbly clubs. These are the simplest clubs most people want, a variety of wines that show up at your door on a regular basis.

Wilson Creek offers several  Bi-Monthly Clubs: Our experts choose the wine for you based on your club selection. Members can choose from the following: Mixed Club offers one bottle of red and one bottle of white, the Reds club delivers two bottles of red wine, and if you prefer the higher-end reserve wines, the Reserve Club is perfect with two bottles of Family Reserve red wine. 

Last but not least is our White Cab Club which provides two bottles of the favorite White Cabernet Sauvignon and one rotating bottle of sparkling in each release. Unlock the flavors of hand-selected wines chosen for you six times a year plus an extra bonus July shipment exclusively for members only. This club works well for those who like to discover wine and the packages are pre-selected for you. If you like to be the first to try newly released wines, you want to select this option.  Oftentimes, some small-batch wines are allocated for these clubs and frequently sell out quickly. These clubs ship every other month. 

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For those that know what they like and want to personalize their selection, the Semi-Annual Winemaker’s club allows more flexibility. This club ships more wine but fewer times a year.  The day you join, you will select your 12 bottles and then every six months thereafter, you will receive an email notifying you that it is time to select your next case. It’s true that waiting around for deliveries can be a drag.  This club is great for those out-of-state wine enthusiasts that want to save a bit on shipping and have a bit more convenience.

 If you simply just love the wine, Wilson Creek also offers Online Clubs. These clubs are a great option for those who live afar and are not able to take advantage of the events, and complimentary wine tasting. The flat rate shipping of $10 on a case really helps you keep your wine refrigerator stocked throughout the year too!

Whatever club you choose, it is important to know that Wilson Creek’s history runs deep.  Our winery has been around since 2000 with many of the Cabernet vines planted back in the 1970s. Our Vineyard Manager, Greg Pennyroyal focuses on a Biologically Based Soil Fertility Program building a reservoir of nutrients for the vines. What does this mean? Temecula Valley is classified as a Mediterranean climate with hot summer days and cool nights with most of the rainfall in the winter months, this has proven to yield high-quality wines. Our wines have won several wine awards and many of them are rated in the 90s by Wine Enthusiast!

Share your love of wine! Wine clubs are a great way to start exploring new wines, especially if you’re a beginner. For this reason, gifting a wine club membership to someone is about as thoughtful of a gift as it gets.



Believe it or not, there is more to a wine club than wine! The additional benefits can be priceless! Look out for additional discounts, special events, exclusive wine club areas, educational opportunities, customer service, and amenities on property. Probably one of the most popular reasons why our members choose to become a wine club member is for the perks.



First and foremost, if you are going to be spending any time at the winery, you must enjoy where you are visiting right?  Customer service should be top priority!  Is there a special VIP wine club area just for members? At Wilson Creek, we have a mission to enhance lives.  From the moment you step onto our property you are treated special.  We will personalize your wine tasting to what you like and may even expand your pallet by guiding you through new wines.

On the weekends when the property is most busy, our members are offered an opportunity to enjoy the Members-only Upper Room where they can take their guests and enjoy a glass of wine or complimentary wine tasting while soaking in the views of the property from the second level.  We pride ourselves on connecting with many wine club members through many personal interactions whether on the phone, chat line, or in person.



Consider the additional discounts a membership offers.  Every wine club has different benefits. One of the biggest perks of being a wine club member is the ability to come wine tasting.  Many wineries limit the number of times you can come or how many you can bring with you.  Wilson Creek members receive complimentary wine tasting for themselves and up to three additional guests. The complimentary tastings reset daily, which means if you wish to visit every day, then you may wine taste with us every day.

Members at Wilson Creek also receive multiple discounts and exclusive offerings- on wine, tours, merchandise, events, and even in the restaurant. We offer special online incentives such as periodical shipping rate discounts and exclusive offers for online shopping purchases which are not available to the public. 



When you become a part of a wine club you are not only gaining access to wine but also exclusive popular events. If you like to attend gatherings make sure you find a winery that offers different events to your liking. They can range from small intimate dinners to large parties. A variety is always the best option.

At Wilson Creek, you can find many opportunities to fit your style. Dine with the Winemaker and hear the stories behind the winemaking process and join the Vineyard Manager for a pruning class. Put on your boots and join us at our annual Harvest Party or go all out and win the costume contest at our Halloween party! Come sit in the courtyard on a beautiful Friday night and enjoy the live entertainment while sipping on a glass of wine or grab a ticket to a concert with big-name country music artists.

Meet and mingle with fellow wine club members at exclusive events that are always a big hit.  The annual family barbecue is a super fun place to pick up some new friends the wine academy classes with great learning opportunities always fill up quickly. Another fun way to connect with us is through our virtual tastings. Join us for live tastings with a variety of experts from the comfort of your own home.



One of the most delightful aspects of wine is that it’s impossible to ever know it all.  You can learn and grow in wine for your entire adult life or if you simply want to enjoy the flavors of a glass of wine over great conversation, you can do that too! Just remember, when joining a wine club not only are you joining a subscription to receive wine, but you’re also joining a community of liked minded individuals who share a passion for wine, events, and wine education.

If you are already a part of the Wilson Creek wine club, we thank you for contributing to each experience by allowing us to provide a warm and friendly environment while sharing our passion of wine and knowledge to all. If you are thinking of joining a wine club, we understand there are several options and choices to consider. Soak this in, the best option is the one that allows you to savor the wine and moment that makes you smile when you take a sip, realizing you want to share your experience with others while toasting to your favorite wine.

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