Article by Mick Wilson

I often hear from members and guests that they desire to grow in their wine knowledge but don’t know how. So I thought I’d share some resources that have helped me.

The best starting point is the website The best video to start is “How to Taste Wine like a Badass.” Then you can dive deeper into articles and videos on regions and varietals. There is also a solid book called “Wine Folly, Magnum Edition”.  It is worth it.

I love the phone app called Vivino. You simply take a photo of a wine label and it tells you the pricing and often has reviews of that wine. This is a good resource for seeing the value of wines you have as well as when you go shopping.

Some books I recommend are: “The Wine Lover’s Apprentice” by Kathlene Berhsad, “Cork Dork” by Bianca Busker, “A Hedonist in the Cellar” by Jay McInerney, “Wine Simple” by Aldo Sohm, and “Message in the Bottle: A Guide to Tasting Wine” by Tim Gaiser (who is a Master Sommelier). A classic is “The Wine Bible 3rd Edition” by Karen MacNeil. Whether you read it or not it looks impressive on your home coffee table or on a shelf for all to see. An even more impressive looking book (and also useful) is “The World Atlas of Wine” by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson.

Of course the best way to learn about wine is to taste it, a lot of it. Take the Wine Academy classes at Wilson Creek, visit other wine regions and learn why those wines taste the way they do, and simply enjoy tasting wine with others here at Wilson Creek. Do a brown bag night at a home where you invite 4-5 people/couples and have them bring a particular Wilson Creek wine. It is always fun to learn from others. But remember, we all have different palates so the best wine is what YOU like.  

If I see you around the winery I’d love to sit down over a glass and answer any questions you might have. And I’d love to hear from you what you are learning and how you are growing in your enjoyment of wine!

-Mick Wilson