It’s fun when our passion to a be family business connects with our desire to make a difference in our world! That is why we made a wine that not only tastes amazing but will be used to tangibly change some lives. We connected with The Water Project which is one of the leading nonprofit organizations that is getting clean drinking water to needy areas in Africa. We connected with their passion and the amount of impact they have made. Plus, the more we learned of the water crisis, of the real needs of real people, the more we had to do something.

It was a miracle in the Bible to turn water into wine; and we are literally turning wine into water! A portion of the proceeds will go back to a specific project in a specific community that we can help impact.

We will pass along photos and updates on how these funds are impacting a particular community we will partner in helping.

Please go to The Water Project website and look at the statistics that tell of the need. The need is striking! The Water Project’s purpose is to “provide safe, clean, and reliable water in Africa and to restore hope one community at a time.” And we get to be a part of that by sponsoring and impacting one community. So as you drink this Riesling know that you are helping real people drink clean water… and you are helping turn wine into water! Pretty cool!

You can purchase the Riesling online or in the Tasting Room