THANKS TO YOU – We are proud to announce the Wine Club family has grown to over 1,000 MORE members in just an astonishing three-month time period! We are amazed at the response and are very happy to have such a large family. Thank you all for joining. We hope this Wine Club will be a fun experience for you and that Wilson Creek can be your “Extended Family” when you visit us for wine tasting or Wine Club events. Thanks again for being part of the family.

The very first article for our “Extended Family” Wine Club Newsletter was July/August 2001. WOW, how time flies! Since then we have grown quite a bit in our wine club, as well as the winery! There has been a lot of changes but one thing that hasn’t changed and never will is our love for our “extended family”. Our wine club is our heart and soul of the winery and today once again we thank you!

Today we see quite a few faces from our beginning who are still wine club members. Some still have their original wine club member card and are proud to show it! Our tasting room was full of our member’s photos which have since been removed with blowing out walls to accommodate our large growing family. We have started construction above the tasting room to add Reserve and paired tastings as well as an additional venue for events. We can’t wait to welcome you to our new room!

We’ve taken the tent down and replaced it with our beautiful events building including our Champagne Ballroom to accommodate the wedding receptions from the tent. In addition, we have a delicious restaurant, the Creekside Grille. It offers Wine Club Wednesday’s where members who purchase 2 entrées receive a bottle of wine for 50% off. We also have a fabulous Sunday brunch which if you haven’t tried it is something worth experiencing.

Our clubs have grown from the traditional Reds, Whites, and Desserts to having a club for everyone! Bi-monthly Mixed, Reds, Reserve, and Our Brand New White Cab Club. We also have the Semi-annual Winemaker Favorites as well as Online Wine Clubs which really work well for out of state members who love our SparklingWhite Cabernet and VS Cabernet (formerly known as Duet).

We had some great events over the years. From wonderful Jazz concerts, which have evolved to amazing Country concerts. Our members remember the wonderful Thursday Tapas, Joey and Maria’s Comedy Italian Wedding, and Cigar Nights just to name a few. We are planning some wonderful events for this year. All information will be in our newsletter as well as on our website.

We thank you again for being part of our extended family here at Wilson Creek Winery. We look forward to welcoming you back home when you visit us next.


Lisa Keks

Hospitality Sales Assistant Manager