My favorite part of my job is Everything!!

… People ask me all the time if you could choose any job in the world what would it be. Well friends this is it! I started in the 80s with hospitality and have been trained by some if the greats ie… intercontinental hotels, Marriott Marquis and Resorts, The Pan Pacific and Hilton Hotels and Resorts. Now I am so blessed to be able to put all of my hospitality skills that I have learned and put it under one 12,000 square foot roof. It’s funny because we call the vacation rental the Wilson Creek Manor. The key word here is “manor” 

It doesn’t take hospitality training to use “manners”  as a play on words. 

Our friendly staff greets you with a glass of champagne, a warm smile, and a warm welcome, we offer a good old-fashioned personal tour of the facility and concierge service with suggestions for dinners and lunches and things to do while in the Temecula area. We try to remember birthdays and anniversaries and use the guests names as much as possible. At the Manor we are fortunate to use all old fashioned hospitality skills to make our guests feel warm, welcome and at home! But it comes naturally from the entire team at the Manor and at Wilson Creek Winery. It starts at the top with Rosie and Gerry and trickles through there kids to Bill and Jenifer, Mick and Deanna, Libby and Craig and all of the grand kids! When you work for the Wilson’s you feel like a family member. It’s true what they say When you have a job that you love, it’s not like going to work at all! Visit us at the manor and feel Warm, Welcome and at home! 

Choose us for your next family reunion!