Congratulations! You made it to the end of another work week, and with Labor Day approaching this Monday you are now rewarded with a 3-day weekend! Go on, celebrate!

Labor Day weekend is the ultimate End-of-Summer celebration. Whether you will be spending the weekend on the water, at the park, at a BBQ, camping, or just chilling out at home, Wilson Creek has you covered! Pairing wine with food is great and all, but been there – done that, am I right? Let’s switch it up this year and keep things interesting. Here are some wine recommendations to pair with your Labor Day activities instead!

On the water:
Let’s be honest, it’s hot! So spending your time on the water this Labor Day is probably ideal. Whether it’s at the pool, on the lake, at the beach, you name it… we have the perfect wine for you. Our special Water Project Riesling is perfect for lounging waterside or engaging in some exciting water sports! With mouth-watering acidity, it’s not only fun and refreshing to drink but helpful as well. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle will go to The Water Project to support their efforts in providing clean drinking water to communities in need around the globe. Basically, this Labor Day should be all about H2O. Be in the water, drink plenty of water, and help others receive water by enjoying this refreshing Riesling!

Backyard BBQ:
Not one for the water? That’s okay. Maybe you enjoy a nice backyard BBQ or a picnic at the park? Either way, we’re sure you’ll have a competitive game of corn hole going on, and we have the wine for you! While you’re tossin’ those bean bags around for the win, why don’t you toss up your wine game as well? Our Variant Series White Cabernet is the epitome of tossin’ things up. It takes a traditionally rich tannic dark red wine and turns it into a white wine booming with fresh fruit and sweetness. The perfect vibe for a summer BBQ! It’s also your last day of the year to get away with wearing white, so why not enjoy a glass of white as well.

Camping is always a great way to celebrate the long weekend with loved ones. But this year, while the kiddos are making s’mores, indulge in your own version of the famous sweet treat! Our famous Chocolate Almond-tini is the way to go! Just mix our Almond Sparkling with a splash of our chocolatey Decadencia dessert wine and enjoy! Get extra fancy and garnish the rim with some crushed graham crackers. Perfect for cozying up fireside.

Early Risers:
For some, maybe a long weekend doesn’t mean you get to slack off on all the hard work you did during the week? And we admire you for that. But you still deserve a little fun. So when you return home from your early morning jog or yoga class, reward yourself with a Sparkling Sunrise (a delicious combination of Sparkling Wine with a dash of orange and cranberry juice). Honestly, any of our Sparkling Wines will taste great with this, but don’t forget the Brut is currently on sale this month for $10 a bottle so stock up now!

The possibilities are endless! But no matter what you decide to do this Labor Day Weekend, be sure to stay safe and have a great time!