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Red, White, & Boozy S’mores Shooters

Posted on July 3, 2019 in Recipes, Wine & Food


• Marshmallow
• Graham crackers
• Dark chocolate bars
• 1 bottle of Decadencia

Toast a marshmallow and allow it to cool. Scoop out the center of the marshmallow, pour in your Decadencia, sprinkle on crushed graham crackers and add a mini chocolate bar!

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Feed Me Donuts & Pour Me Wine

Posted on June 5, 2019 in Wine & Food

Yea abs are great… but have you tried our donut and wine pairings?? These pairings will definitely Sprinkle your Donut, because National Doughnut Day is this Friday, June 7, 2019! Pick your favorite pairing and celebrate with us!

Make sure to snap a pic enjoying your favorite donut pairing with Wilson Creek Wine, tag us @wilson_creek_winery, and #wilsoncreekwinery #NationalDoughnutDay so we can share your posts on our Instagram Story!



The old-fashioned donut is less sweet than most, allowing you to pair this with a sweeter wine. Our Almond Sparkling has just a hint of pure almond added to bring out those nutty flavors that you never knew a plain glazed donut had. The bubbles cleansing your palate keeps you ready for that next bite! Ah, the circle of life.


Barbera-Mourvèdre has flavors of plum, cherry, and spice with modest levels of tannin complimenting the light and airy donut with the right amount of chocolatey sweetness in the frosting. Talk about a well-balanced treat that leaves you wanting more!


The Zinfandel being the perfect balance of jam & pepper pairs great with a Jelly donut! The sweetness of the blackberry flavors complimenting the raspberry jelly and the pepper from the wine really cuts through the sweetness of the donut. It’s Zin-fully good!

DEVIL’S FOOD & 2017 CELLAR SELECT ZSM (Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Malbec)

The double deliciousness of the chocolate cake donut plus the chocolate frosting pairs well with the dark jammy fruit-forward flavors of the ZSM. Chocolate dipped berries rolled in alcohol… sign us up!


These two are just so pretty together! I think we can just leave it at that, but we just have so much more to say about this delicious pairing 😉 … Rosé Sparkling being the perfect balance of sweet & dry pairs great with a Strawberry Frosted Donut! The sweetness of the strawberry & melon flavors of the Rosé complimenting the strawberry frosting and the acid from the Rosé really cuts through the sugar of the frosting and sprinkles. We’re obsessed!


Moscato & Apple Fritters were made for each other! The dynamic flavors of honeydew melon, mandarin orange, and a touch of mint from the Moscato and the tart acidic apples with the caramelized buttery goodness from the fritter will have your taste buds singing Hakuna Moscato!!!

CRUMB GLAZE & 2016 WINEMAKER’S SELECT SYRAH (only a few cases left in the tasting room); also try it with the 2017 WINEMAKER’S SELECT SYRAH or 2015 FAMILY RESERVE SYRAH

The cinnamon glazed donut- flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, and hints of toffee, go perfectly with those same flavors in the Syrah. The wine manages to enhance these warm flavors in the donut, rather than mask them. And despite the sweetness of the donut, the Syrah remains smooth and packs that delicious punch of cherry and sour plums on the palate, leaving you completely satisfied as is if you just finished an amazing pie on Thanksgiving!


The maple bar, with its underlying hints of vanilla, toffee, and butter, go perfectly with flavors of Vanilla & Sweet French Oak Spice, in the Chardonnay. The soft acids giving you those fruity flavors in the wine are the perfect balance to keep this flavor training going! A Chug- a Chug- a Chew- Chew!


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The Big Game Pairings

Posted on February 3, 2017 in Wine & Food

Dun dun dun dun dun NAAAAA!!! Who is ready for some Football?!?

We definitely are, AND we have the Big Game Pairings to prove it!

Now, we know you all have been working so hard on the those New Years Resolution healthy eating plans but, let’s be honest with ourselves… we will ALL be benching them come Sunday! Indulging in all of those delicious party foods with some of your favorite Wilson Creek Wines, in the company of your friends and family, oh and let’s not forget watching the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots go head to head!

Along with the smorgasbord of food you will be enjoying, you have to treat yourself to a variety of wines too. Trust me the wine will not go to waste!

At kickoff, start with a nice fresh cut veggie tray or some salty chips and dip. That will go nicely with any of our Sparkling Wines (don’t forget the Vanilla is on sale right now for $10 online only), RoussanneVS White Cabernet, or “Yes Dear” Chardonnay. All of these have very light and crisp characteristics that will just be so delicious with those Starters.

Throughout the game when the main dishes get passed around, breakout any of our Cabernet Sauvignons, a nice Family Reserve Zinfandel, or Double Dog Red to pair with those hot plates of Pizza, Chili, Meatballs, and Burgers! Mmm!

Towards the end of the game while your doin your Victory Dance you can’t forget the Dessert! Some nice Football themed Chocolate Cupcakes, Brownies, and Cookies will just sweeten the win with a nice glass of Late Harvest ChardonnayAngelica, or Decadencia. If you purchase the Decadencia make sure to grab a bottle of Rose Sparkling and get the 2 pack for only $39.99 all month long in the Tasting Room and Online.) TOUCHDOWN!!!!

Everyone have a safe and fun Football Sunday!

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How To Halloween Like An Adult

Posted on October 26, 2016 in Wine & Food

Halloween is only a few days away and it doesn’t have to be just for the kiddos! This year, while the little ones are out trick-or-treating, take out that favorite bottle of Wilson Creek Wine and pair it with some sweet treats! I don’t know about you… but this is definitely a party we would want to be at and a great way to use up all that extra candy, so we have come up with a guide to pairing Halloween Candy with our Wines for All To Enjoy!

Decadencia is our most classic pairing for chocolate so dig into those Tootsie Rolls or some Dark Chocolate Pieces!

Pouring a glass of red wine such as Malbec with handfuls of M&M’s, Family Reserve Zinfandel with some pint-sized Milkyways, or the Cabernet Franc with crispy crunchy Kit Kats or any other chocolate Halloween Treats will be oh so delicious.

Snickers, Butterfingers, or Baby Ruth’s? If your going with the Angelica Cream Sherry complement with rich and nutty candy bars! Even our Almond Sparkling Wine would taste delicious with a Mounds candy bar. Yum! (and your in luck! The Halloween Custom Label Almond Sparkling will be on Sale in the Tasting Room and Online starting Friday the 28th-31st!)

If you like the balance of sweet-fruity candies, pop open a bottle of Brut Sparkling Wine to go with a box of Nerds or Red Vines/Twizzlers, grab a handful of Skittles with a glass of Riesling, Gummy Bears with VS White Cab, or some juicy Starburst with a bottle of Viognier to really wake those taste buds!

P.S. Let’s not forget about the Hallo-Wine sale happening right now through Friday the 28th! Purchase the Variant Series 2 Pack~ VS Cabernet & VS White Cabernet and get the best of both worlds for that chocolatey goodness and deliciously fruity fun you are about to have!

If you love Caramel Apples and you want to compliment the caramel, definitely pair it with our Roussanne or “Yes Dear” Chardonnay. But if you are going for more focus on the apple flavor, the Late Harvest Chardonnay will really bring that warm toastiness and pull the crisp sour flavors of the apple.

Remember… No matter what your favorite Treats are, you can’t be Tricked when pairing with your favorite Boo’s! Happy Hallo-Wine!

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