Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyard is a family owned and operated winery that has been a landmark in Southern California for 20 years and is growing rapidly. Wilson Creek is one of the most exciting wineries, dedicated to the highest level of service and guest satisfaction. Do you have a passion for wines? An equal passion for delivering superb customer service? Then Wilson Creek is the place for you! Wilson Creek is a Drug Free Workplace.

Are YOU the right person? Wilson Creek Values practiced here are…

Core Values

Be Warm and Engaging
Create and maintain a refreshing, warm, and friendly environment by being welcoming and approachable.

Have the Courage to be Different
Inspire growth and creativity in one another and in our company through innovative thoughts and actions.

Passionately Care
Be driven with a great internal force to show your best. Aspire to exceed the needs of each other, our guests, and the greater community.

Value the Person in Front of You
Honor that value by being genuine and sincere in your words, thoughts, and actions, be it a co-worker, supplier or guest.

Be Down-to-earth
Be authentic to yourself, others and the environment.

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