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Top 20 Sweetest Songs For Your Tasty Tradition

Wedding cakes are the traditional dessert at most weddings, but nowadays, brides and grooms are getting more creative with their tasty sweets they offer their guests. If you are serving an alternative to  Continue Reading »

National Wildlife Day

#NationalWildlifeDay focusses on endangered species, preservation, and conservation efforts around the world. Zoos, aviaries and marine sanctuaries provide a variety of ways to get involved, so we want to share some information about  Continue Reading »

Watermelon Sangria

Stay cool this weekend with a huge bowl of Watermelon Sangria! Our Watermelon Sparkling is bursting with nostalgic mid-summer fruit flavors. A perfect accompaniment to sun-drenched days by the pool or a BBQ  Continue Reading »

Wine Mojitos

Today we raise a glass to National Mojito Day! We have created two refreshing wine mojito cocktails with unique summer combinations that you will be sippin on all season! Run to your kitchen  Continue Reading »

Red, White, & Boozy S’mores Shooters

S’MORES SHOOTERS Ingredients:  • Marshmallow • Graham crackers • Dark chocolate bars • 1 bottle of Decadencia Directions:  Toast a marshmallow and allow it to cool. Scoop out the center of the marshmallow,  Continue Reading »

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