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Creekside Grille Offers Gluten-Free Menu Items

It all started when Mick Wilson discovered that he had Celiac disease. In people with Celiac disease, the immune system reacts to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley, which causes inflammation in their gut and interferes with the absorption of nutrients. A few chain restaurants in America like Outback and P.F. Chang's offer gluten-free menus, but most restaurants do not. Creekside Grille has worked hard at creating a safe and certified environment for those in search gluten free options here in Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country.

Most of our items are naturally gluten-free because Chef Steve makes all his sauces from scratch. Most fresh fish and steak items are already gluten-free. Chef Steve has worked hard on finding tasty gluten-free pasta and a home-made gluten free bread. Chef prepares gluten-free items using separate cutting boards and knives to avoid cross-contact.  All wine is naturally gluten-free, and we also offer tasty gluten-free beer. Early feedback from many local gluten-free eaters (word gets out fast in the area) is that we offer a lot of tasty items to choose from.

We always want you to feel safe when dining with us.

Our gluten-free menu recently made the media, we received a great write up in the SW Riverside News Network, click HERE to see the article.

Gluten-Free Menu


Bacon Wrapped Serrano Stuffed Prawns
roasted garlic bbq sauce / fontina cheese grits 13

Gluten Free Rolls
dried fig butter / butternut squash fromage / roasted garlic california olive oil 7

House Wedge Fries
house ketchup / cilantro aioli / house thousand island 8


The Vineyard
organic baby greens / candied pecans / golden raisins / gf bleu cheese / vanilla balsamic vinaigrette 15 petite 9

Grilled Roma Crunch
roma crunch wedge / pecan wood bacon / boiled egg / dry provolone / gf croutons / lemon-anchovy dressing 14 petite 7

sage mountain farm spinach / pancetta lardons / roasted local butternut squash / drake farms goat cheese / warm bacon dressing 16

Arugula, Asian Pear, and Fall Onion
sage mountain farm arugula and fall onion / asian pear / toasted walnuts / gf bleu cheese / maple – mustard dressing 16  *additions: jidori chicken breast 7 steelhead fillet 10 bavette steak 11


Hot Turkey Dip
roasted turkey / farm arugula / cabernet vinegar pickles / gf baguette / roasted turkey jus 15

Roast Beef
medium rare wagyu roast beef / sage mountain farm arugula / goat’s milk cheddar / tapenade aioli / gf roll 16


Bavette Steak
prime bavette steak / foie gras butter / creamed leeks / garlic sweet potato fries 25

Steelhead Salmon
loch etive steelhead fillet / mustard – maple glaze / baby root vegetables / bacon fat braised broccoli leaves 24

Local Pasturebird Half Chicken
sea salt cured and roasted half chicken / sage mountain arugula – potato hash with pancetta and dried cranberries / balsamic honey glaze 26

Creekside Burger
natural ground chuck / lettuce / onion / cabernet vinegar pickles / house thousand island / seeded gf bun 16

Umami Turkey Burger
umami infused ground shelton turkey and mushroom patty / kimchi / red chili mayo / seeded gf bun 16


Flourless Chocolate Lava

chocolate ganache / red currant coulis 8 a la mode 10

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse
hazelnut chocolate mousse tart / cocoa nibs / mascarpone / macaroon / red currant raspberry sauce / micro mint 8

Brownie Sundae
gluten free brownie / cinnamon ice cream / sweet potato caramel / pomegranate / mint crystals 8

* Please ask your server about our gluten-free beer selection. Of course, all our wine is gluten-free as well.


Recipes are thoughtfully created with each ingredient complimenting the other for an incredible dining experience. Ingredients can not be substituted.

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